My Top Office Do’s and Don’ts

During the first five days of my placement, here are my top ‘do’s and don’ts’ for any intern or employee!
Do’s: Respect others space. At the beginning of my internship, I felt very much like an invader, despite the immediate welcome by my supervisors. I knew that the organisation has an influx of interns each year, and that this must be a distraction to permanent staff. So I wanted to ensure I respected the space of senior journalists and staff around me. As I was skipping from one desk to another daily, I ensured that I kept my space clean and tidy at the end of the day, and treated the journalist whose desk I was borrowing with respect!

Introduce without being irritating. Despite already recognizing most journalists around me, I used my discretion to introduce myself to them. If I noticed some were busy or making phone calls, I didn’t bother them.  By deciphering body language I managed to introduce myself to several journalists who were happy to assist during my internship, and formed some strong relationships.
Showing up ‘on time’ is late. As the company was a distance from my home, I ensured that I factored in travel time each morning. Training in journalism, I am very aware that it is crucial to be punctual, particularly as interviews are scheduled to a tight deadline. However in every work position I’ve held, I have always been punctual and believe this is important. My parents raised me with the saying that ‘5 minutes early is 10 minutes late’.
Dress appropriately. Not just dressing conservatively, but also correctly for the conditions. As my internship was in June during -5 degrees days, I made sure that what I was wearing was also practical. Particularly having comfortable shoes, as there was a lot of running around
Listen to advice from others.  It is okay to think that your way is the best way, but taking time to take other people’s advice on board can provide a new perspective that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.
Gossip.  This is a common human tendency but can be very destructive and harmful in a work situation.  It is better to maintain your colleagues respect and trust by avoiding any petty gossip and concentrating on work!
React negatively to criticism. I certainly do not enjoy making mistakes but if I don’t embrace them, I miss out on a valuable learning opportunity.  Instead of thinking ‘I failed’, I now ask myself ‘how can I prevent this from occurring again?’


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