Using Narrative Techniques Responsibly in Journalism

I found a treaure while studying for one of my recent and final assignments, it is ‘The Ethics of the Story’ by David Craig. It was written in 2006, but I just discovered this now, and will have to find a copy on Amazon.


“Conscientious journalism students juggling classes and student or professional media work also have a hard time stopping and focusing on the nuances of technique. It is easy for them to pick up the habits and conventions that produce adequate but not excellent journalism,” (Craig, D., 2006, p.194.)

This resonates with me at the moment, as I have had difficulty balancing time for reflection as I am starting to enter the workforce.

Although, reading this book is a reminder of why sometimes we should take time just to consider what we have written and the important and powerful ethical decisions we make in what we include, and exclude.

A great read, and I am going to add this to my bookshelf and try to read it often even when I am no longer a student as a reminder of the power of journalism. I feel that it is the perfect time to read this book now, as I cross over from being a student to a working professional. And I believe that professionals should read this book too, if not more than students – because it’s probably been awhile since your last reflection! Check it out.

Cassidy Brown

November 13′


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