Web Design, Coding, Standards and Semantics

I am currently designing a website for a publishing house as part of a web design project using HTML 5 and CSS.

I recommend following this conversation below, which explains why HTML 5 should be used in the best semantic way possible:


From my experience, ARIA Landmark Roles are the most semantic and viable to use in production:


Ara Pehlivanian sums it up nicely, “I think it’s always best to err on the side of verbosity when coding, whether it’s quotes, brackets or closing tags. It just mitigates errors and improves legibility. If you want to save bytes on the page, trust a tool to do it for you either at deployment or in real time via a script on your server. Don’t do it yourself. You’re only going to run into trouble.”

In my recent coding I have been using the Dreamweaver software program, and it is in real time. There is also the option to validate the coding as you go. Trouble avoided!

If you’re interested in all geeky HTML things, another blog I’ve been reading of late is: http://ablognotlimited.com/


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